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As an employee do you ever ask yourself:

  • Am I happy at work?
  • Is this job right for me?
  • Why am I not getting promoted?
  • How do I work in a team?
  • Why don't my colleagues notice or respect me?
  • Why do I get angry at work?

As a business owner/manager, do you ever ask yourself:

  • Why do I have a high turnover of staff?
  • Why do my staff always challenge my directives?
  • Why are my staff always fighting with each other?
  • How do I improve work ethic and morale amongst my staff?

In your day to day life, do you ever ask yourself:

  • Why can't I balance my budget?
  • Why can't I communicate my needs to my
  • partner/spouse/family/friend?
  • Why can't I make a decision or act on one?
  • How can I invest myself/my income/my knowledge so that it will
  • better my life?
  • How do I relocate, when I know I must?
  • How can I get people to respond differently to me?
  • How do I attract people that I would prefer to associate with?

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